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Woodcrafts By Design, LLC is owned and operated by Joshua Iverson. Joshua grew up in Southern California with his Grandfather's woodworking shop across the street from where he lived. He was basically raised in that woodworking shop where he would sit and watch his grandfather work to slowly learning the equipment and how to use each piece safely and efficiently.

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At around 13 years old, he started doing professional woodworking design under the unofficial name Bench Works Co. From there he built lawn furniture and quickly moved into the world of custom cabinetry. After 6 years of doing that, he gained experience in custom cabinetry, and general woodworking, he picked up his roots, married his girlfriend, and went to college. In 2010 he majored construction management with a minor in business.

After graduation, he and his wife decided to move to Dayton, Pennsylvania, to be close to her family. Knowing that he wanted to do what he loved for a living, he searched for a job at a custom cabinetry shop. In 2011, he officially started Woodcrafts By Design, LLC as a side business to earn some extra money, while gaining a wealth of experience at the cabinet shop under his mentor, a master cabinet maker of more than 50 years.

His time at the shop ended after five and a half years, when the owner had to close the shop due to health reasons. In 2016, he took Woodcrafts By Design, LLC from a side business to a full-time custom cabinetry, woodworking, and furniture shop. With his vast experience, he has pushed our business into the future by helping people create their dream designs from wood.